Overland Park KS Homes for sale & Johnson County Real Estate Blog: Stop Complaining about what todays buyers want and just give it to them.

Stop Complaining about what todays buyers want and just give it to them.

While watching HGTV's Selling New York last night I heard the sellers and brokers complaining multiple times about todays picky buyers. How they want everything but your first born child to make an offer on your house. I came to a very quick realization. The buyer aren't the problem, it is the sellers.

During the boom years a seller could put a For Sale sign in the yard and unless there was something seriously wrong with your house or it was just extremely overpriced, it would sell. Now things are much different. Buyers want more, a lot more for that matter. 

As a seller you can decide to complain or you can take action. What todays buyer wants is not hard, it just takes a little extra effort prior to listing your home for sale. Here is a quick list of things those pesky buyers want and will help you get your home SOLD. 


This one is free. Clean your house and I am not talking about just simply picking up. I mean really clean it. Windows inside and out, baseboards, kitchen, bathrooms, every inch of every inch needs to be spotless. Buyers want to be wowed and a dirty home won't cut it anymore.


Fresh Paint

Nothing brightens up a home quicker then fresh paint. Fresh paint is a cheap fix that will not only make your home look cleaner but it will also help it smell better. The key here is to pick a neutral color, creamy off-whites like Linen White brighten up almost any room. Buyer want a move-in ready home and fresh paint is a very big part of that.


Get rid of it. No matter how beautiful your floral wallpaper in the kitchen is, most buyer will hate it. Not only that but wallpaper carries an extreme hassle factor. Removing wallpaper is a pain, you put it up. You get to take it down. 


No buyer wants 10 year old worn out carpet. The carpet that you trained your puppy on, the one where little Johnny got sick when he was 3. A common misconception here is to offer a carpet allowance. Well your wrong, buyers are not as visual as we want to give them credit for. We are always worried that they won't like what you choose. Well once again choose neutral and appropriate for the price of the home you are selling. If you are a selling a 100k home, pile will do just fine but if you are selling a 500k home you better be looking at frieze or sculpted.


Unless you are selling a Victorian then you better get rid of the brass. I have a saying "Gold is OLD" and it is. Buyers want brushed nickel, stainless or oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Updated lighting, doorknobs, and hinges help remove the dated look that todays buyers hate.

Kitchen and baths

Plain and simple, they sell homes. Counter tops, appliances and fixtures make the quickest difference. Outdated kitchens and baths will keep your home on the market a long time and crush your resale value. Do not scrimp here!

Curb Appeal

Pretty simple, give it some. I know that right now in the winter there is not a lot you can do but you can do little things the make your home more inviting like clean off the cobwebs from the front porch or getting last summers dead bugs out of the light globes.

Professional Stager

Feeling overwhelmed? Then get some help. There are people who actually do this for a living, they are called stagers. Their job is make your home look like a Million Bucks. Don't think you can afford them, I say you can't afford not to hire them.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, the buyers have spoken. You can give them what they want and get your home SOLD or you can complain while your home sits on the market. Your choice!



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Comment balloon 3 commentsMike Russell • January 07 2011 02:11PM


Great post, however, I did have a buyer that wanted almost everything that wasn't nailed down even the chiminea on the back porch.

Posted by Suzanne Taylor, Home Sales In Corpus Christi, TX (Ultima Real Estate - Corpus Christi) almost 9 years ago

Hello Michael.  Today's buyers do have many more properties to "shop".  Keeping ahead in the "listing and sales" statistics competition is also a challenge in the current market.  Another advantage for you would be a "pre-contract property inspection".  Advertising a property as "Inspected" will place your listings above the other competition in the area.

Having a detailed inspection performed and reported to the sellers of the property will benefit your clients by removing the cloud of uncertainty of the impending buyers' inspection period, allow for prior negotiation strategy of items that were 1) repaired, 2) will not be repaired, or 3) may be repaired or an allowance given in lieu of repair. 

The buyers will perceive the Inspection as a wonderful addition to the Seller's Disclosure, and may even opt out of having there own inspection performed. Just think of the added value and stronger position that the sellers will have in pricing negotiations.

Happy Trails!!

Posted by Rob Smith (Rob Smith Property Investigations) almost 9 years ago

Thanks for comment Rob, I agree with pre-inspections 100%

Posted by Mike Russell, Overland Park Kansas Real Estate (Mike Russell & Associates) almost 9 years ago

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